Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friday Shift After Work

It is finally weekend! I had a very long week, I had to work on Sunday because of our system upgrade and holidays are coming up, but since I have to work on Monday I guess I do not have a long weekend. Sadly the 2nd of November is not a UK holiday. It is the day people get to visit their family or any relatives in the graveyard. I hate the traffic during that day. Since I do not have anyone I exactly should be visiting this All Saint’s Day. And it is my high school best friend’s birthday!! Happy Birthday!! I am not sure if you are reading this... And happy birthday to my officemate as well! Anyway, it is about time for my second blog I guess. My first blog was a little short. I was in a hurry and on break at work. :)

I am currently listening to a String Quartet Tribute for Switchfoot’s “Dare You to Move”. It is a very relaxing. My favourite String Tribute is The Fray’s “Chasing Cars”. Feels like I am in a Spa :) The Spas usually have piano tributes to love songs.

I just watched “the Orphan” movie earlier and it scared me. The twist in the end really good, that the girl was not really a little girl but a grown up woman with hormone problems, so just looks like a kid. Being a kid, it was like her cover, she was actually 33, killed the whole family if she could not seduce the father. The story was put together very well and the acting was really good. I would suggest this movie to anyone who would want to watch suspense. This could happen in real life. Or maybe not! Hahahahaha! :) There are many crazy people living among us and I am one of them! Kidding!! I am crazy alright, but not THAT crazy! :)


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Celtics won!! (My first blog)

Hello! Hi!! Thank you for dropping by!

And is it not great to start my blog with a WIN from Celtics :)
They won 95-89 vs. the cavs :) on October 27, 2009. I did not watch the game, but...

I am so happy, I won a bet! :)
So my officemate/friend is buying me a meal :)

Anyways, work has been really hard lately. Sooooo busy!!! I cannot wait untill the weekend. Oh and it is supposed to be a Holiday! and I have to work on Monday!!!
At least we get a free meal!!! :)

Speaking of work... I need to get back to it. I hope I can get more blogs here.
You can know a lot from my "About Me" portion of this blog.
I am a not so ordinary girl and you may be interested in what I have to say or tell. :)

I could start with simple translations :) hahahahahaha! Maybe you could need it in the future. I have many ideas, but would need to find the time.

Sooooooo, guess I should finish my first blog now. Thanks again!